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And to think i sold it for 10 g back in 1991 { all that info i supplied.} I still have the Colt factory letter and the original Chicago pd Tony Beradi photo { Chicago Tribune} with the original file.and the Sgt Loftus letter.also six cartridges had been loaded and supplied with the gun hopefully the new owner got those also as they went with it.If present buyer owner wants to acquire what i have they can contact me.




glad another collector is happy. RON K.

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Amazing. I wonder how many firearms tied to massacre still exist, besides the Tommies ?



None. The shotgun was never identified, it's not even certain what kind it was other than a repeater (semi, pump?). The North Siders were either unarmed with the exception of Frank Gusenberg or their sidearms were taken away by the killers.


Still, very cool for this stuff to see the light of day and not stay hidden in someone's collection.





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