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1921 Wood Case

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So do i follow this somebody posts a case and its all real and secret service was it in Kennedys limo. no wait that was model 614 m-16's, I thought here we need documentation who made it who glued in some wood and the nails came from what  factory in 1934?

Let me get some old wood crates my grandfather put together for tools after 1945, and decal them Thompson gun.price $4,995.00

I am surprised anybody would fall for that one.they better get a little more doc.s than one guy who will pop a letter from memory.I can tell you a few who had letters documenting some history Colt Walkers, 45 auto ww2 Singer, and a few nazi pistols. all phony and b.s. to make a buck. and one well known, Author. and another who faked markings, and we believe a wood case tale,sorry guys i don't fall for that crap, been doing it way too long.50 years.but hey somebody bought into it.enjoy 2022.RON K.


p.s. I can post my Curt story on his L.A. sheriff Thompson anytime.




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