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Who Knows Early Colt M16's?

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 just posted in this early Colt M16 and I have been trying to decide which model number it is. Form 4 says "AR15 639". I have been doing Class 3 for a long time now and know how screwed up paperwork descriptions became over the years.  However E-forms list it as a Model 639 as well. If I remember right the model 639's were in the 4790000 range. The serial number on this one is 501604x. I have been doing a lot of research today and I think it is an Air Force Model GAU-5A (Model 630) but I am just guessing. I am hoping one of you RKI's will be able to give me your 2 cents. The barrel is Colt, "C MP C" marked, 11.5" w/ flash hider. Receiver is marked "Colt M-16". Upper A1 sights, no forward assist, no brass deflector, full fence, early grip, short ribbed hand guards, and a 2 position stock. Any input would be appreciated. Pics attached.

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Thank all of you for the input. Especially the link to Retro Black Rifle. I broke this M16 down to the next level and the more I look, the more I think it really is a Model 639 (or 629). Even down to the markings on the bolt carrier group and the ejection port cover. The only thing that doesn't click with me is the serial number range. My guess now is that it is a late version of the 639 (or 629) Colt M-16. The only thing that didn't match was the "C K" marking on the inside of the carry handle of the upper receiver. This weapon has no markings in that area. It is unmarked. 

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Very Interesting. I own an early model Colt Factory Select Fire AR-15 (CIRCA 1964) and it took months to track down and figure out exactly what it was. Anything was possible at Colt and mine ended up being a Keosayian Model 602/604 hybrid. All original, but the SN 201xxx complicated things. Retro Black Rifles helped, but remember its just a Forum and so take the advice/responses with a grain of salt. Do your own research and look for pics and records. 

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