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The Lanchester lives

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Thanks to some desperately needed parts furnished by board member Baby Face Nelson and some gunsmith work by Got Uzi I finally got to play with my Lanchester last weekend.


Yes JB is a great gunsmith!!! Is that HSC your shooting at.

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Mine has some "extra" features due to having spent time in Egypt.

The markings on the right side of the stock are the ones that no one can decipher

Lanchester reduced.jpg

I used to have an Arabic translator who worked for me, and he interpreted similar markings on other British rifle stocks as Educational use, meaning that it was probably used for training.


David Albert


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That is the translation I've gotten for the carvings on the left side of the stock.

Two native Arabic speakers confirmed this but neither of them could make sense of the right side carvings. Both said they are not a word. Perhaps it is a unit symbol or something similar. I have seen pix of 4 different Lanchesters with the same markings so I am certain that this is an official mod of some sort. I actually wrote to the Egyptian Embassy on the off chance that they would be able/willing to help but have received no response

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