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Newly Discovered Colt Thompson Serial Numbers - Gordon's Quest

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Gordon Herigstad firing a Colt Thompson at a shoot in Ohio in 2006. The shooter to his left is Warren Kreiser. Both Thompson aficionados pictured here

passed away recently.


I'm starting this as a pinned post in memory of Gordon Herigstad, the author of Colt Thompson Serial Numbers, who passed away on 4/23/15. This post will become a repository for information on Colt Thompson serial numbers that were not featured in Gordon's books, because he left us too soon.


There are thousands more Colt Thompsons that remain to be documented. Many were consumed over the almost 100 years since their manufacture, but the iconic firearm has an uncanny way of surviving, and resurfacing around the world for us to wonder about and discuss.


I don't have Gordon's latest book yet, and I'm away from my 4th edition of his book at the moment, but I'm pretty sure that the recent discovery of # 11410 in Germany was not documented by Gordon, so it will be the first entry below. This post will change over time, and I'll leave it open, in case anyone wants to add to it. Any new serial numbers that are added in other posts will be summarized here, similar to how Gordon listed such information in his books.


Your contributions to this effort will be appreciated by anyone who appreciates Colt Thompsons.


David Albert




  • In the Imperial War Museum collection in England
  • Purchased by the IRA in 1921
  • Serial number is defaced, but can still be read
  • Reported by rpbcps on 7/3/17



  • Getty Image found showing this serial number
  • 1921A configuration, well worn
  • Vertical grip broken along grip mount
  • Has unreadable property tag attached to vertical grip
  • Reported by by member GIJive on 3/3/17



  • Colt Thompson 1921A Serial Number 4658 is currently in the possession of a suburban Chicago, Illinois Police Department
  • The gun appears to be in very nice condition
  • No word on whether it is registered or transferable
  • Reported by DLansky on 9/4/15


  • Appears to be French contract Colt with Berthier sling swivels attached
  • Located in Europe
  • Reported by rpbcps on 7/3/17



  • Swedish contract Colt sold in 1940
  • Located in Sweden
  • Reported by Per Mathisen in his book, "A Thompson for Sweden: The m40," in 2017

# 9283

  • Lower assembly with 1921 buttstock and pistol grip
  • It is not known where the upper receiver for this Colt is, and whether it still exists
  • Fitted to late Model 1928A1 with smooth barrel and L-sight
  • Founds in the Netherlands
  • Reported by member rpbcps


  • Swedish contract Colt sold in 1940
  • Located in Sweden
  • Reported by Per Mathisen in his book, "A Thompson for Sweden: The m40," in 2017



  • Transferable MG for sale by Ruben Mendiola, Class III Dealer in Miami, FL, December 2015
  • 1928AC (21/28 Overstamp)
  • Has 2-piece actuator


  • Overstamped from 1921 to 1928, then stamped again to add "U.S." and "A1" to read "U.S. Model of 1928A1"
  • No Barrel (Dewatted - Receiver and lower with wood and internal parts)
  • Evidence of being submerged in a lake, probably in Austria - Has British soldered patent date magazine with it, and horizontal foregrip with British style sling swivel mounted on left hand side
  • Possibly one of 951 Colts purchased by U.S. Army 1939
  • For sale on egun.de on 4/26/15


  • Appears to be a French contract 1921
  • Photos posted in forum by member Paulsavoy
  • Currently located in France
  • Has an L-Drum in it, with action locked in place per European deactivation standards of its location


  • Swedish contract Colt sold in 1940
  • Located in Sweden
  • Reported by Per Mathisen in his book, "A Thompson for Sweden: The m40," in 2017



  • French contract Colt surfaced in France:
  • sold for $4,000 (deactivated)
  • Matching numbers upper and lower
  • Photo included in this thread, posted 3/10/16



  • 1928AC (Navy Overstamp)
  • For sale by Ruben Mendiola, August 2016 for $32,995
  • Has Savage and WH parts in it
  • ​Savage bolt in it was part of 5K rounds semi-auto test in January, 1941 (engraved with details)



  • All that is known is that it's in a New Jersey PD
  • Reported by K-9Dogo on 8/25/15
  • Updated in late October 2015 as completely destroyed by PD (Fed into smelter) :(
  • #6354



  • Swedish contract Colt sold in 1940
  • Located in Sweden
  • Reported by Per Mathisen in his book, "A Thompson for Sweden: The m40," in 2017



  • Swedish contract Colt sold in 1940
  • Located in Sweden
  • Reported by Per Mathisen in his book, "A Thompson for Sweden: The m40," in 2017



R.I.P. - Gordon Herigstad, 1938-2015

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The title and original posting of this thread refer only to newly discovered Colt Thompsons. Following the untimely and sudden passing of Mr. Gordon Herigstad, was there anyone designated as the person to inform when amendments to the Colt Thompson Serial Numbers data for Colt TSMGs that are already in the listing are in order?


Thank you.

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Merry Ploughboy,


No one is designated. I started this thread to serve as a collection area for new information, as I know Gordon would have wanted his quest continued. Feel free to post any data corrections that may be necessary, and folks can then update their books manually.


David Albert


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NO 13689




Apparently this Colt has been found in New Jersey - thread link, above. I do not find a reference for NO 13689 in my 3rd Edition of Gordon's book. Please update this thread if Gordon's final edition has more information.


A later update to NO 13689:



Edited by TD.
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Hello all, I'm a new member here although I've been reading the posts for quite a while now.


I am the owner of 1921/8 Navy Thompson SN 11558. I came into possession of this gun prior to 1968, as a barreled receiver, no lower, and subsequently registered it during the amnesty. Can anyone give me any information on the history of this gun? I'd appreciate it.

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Don't know if this has been reported yet, but SN 10841 was not in Gordon's last Book. If it has been reported I must have overlooked it. Recommend keeping a running tally on the numbers turned up, so we don't cover down on them multiple times.


Here is a link to it. http://dealernfa.com...ery-nice-10841/




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In Gordon's latest book 11558 1928 Navy State of South Carolina; Office of the Governor Columbia, South Carolina(1of 6) (1 of 2 Shipped 7/26/32)


[ 10617 & 11558] Attn to: Law Enforcement Division


Hope this helps.


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Sorry guys , there was a error in my reporting on # 13869...Thats the # I was given ,but it should be 13865..




Just to make sure...13865? It was originally reported as 13689, and you list it as originally 13869 above. I just want to be sure...


David Albert


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Looking through the final, 6th edition of Gordon's book, I note that there is nothing listed for serial number 936.

It was one of the guns purchased by the IRA and it is now in the Imperial War Museum:


Serial number 5771, is also not listed, but I have found some photos of her with French Berthier sling attachments.

5771 serial number.jpg 5771 Fr.jpg 5771 Fr top view.jpg 5771 Fr rear Bertier sling attach.jpg 5771 Fr Front Bertier sling attach.jpg

Some updates for three guns which are listed:

Serial number 640 is listed in the book as an IRA gun. It was shown in a post on the forum a while back, it had the original receiver, but it now has an M1 trigger frame fitted to it, with details of its current location.


Serial number 4032 is listed in the book as a 1921A, but I have a photo of the trigger frame, which was for sale on gunbroker, and it is actually a Model of 1927.

4032 selector.JPG 4032 SN.JPG 4032.JPG

Serial number 10592 is listed, but looking at some photos I found, I believe it was one of the French contract guns, sling attachments, which is not mentioned in the listing.

10592.JPG 10952 1921.JPG fR 1921 10592.JPG

Stay safe



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Excellent updates! Thank you for your efforts. I believe I remember #10592...I may have mentioned it in the French Colt Thompson section of TUTB. I need to check to make sure, but that number seems really familiar to me.


I have updated the main post with the 2 new serials...





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Has anyone checked to see if the 13 Colt guns delivered to Sweden listed in the new book, "A Thompson for Sweden - M40" , appear in Gordon's book?


I do not have this book so am unable to check. Most of the serial numbers are in the 10XXX to 14XXX range with one number being much lower - 6354.


I would like to know if this gun is mentioned in Gordon's book in particular.






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