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Selling Anything On This Site.

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I don't care if you guys sell parts, services, calendars whatever.. HOWEVER. If you're some FNG trying to pawn your junk and run forget about it.. To sell anything on this site from now on you'll need an outstanding member to vouch for you. No vouchy No selly! The posts will be deleted as soon as they are up. And if you still have the kahuna's to rip someone after that you will be shot down like a Purple Dinosaur!


And posts without pics will be taken down as well. If you can afford a machine gun you can afford a digital camera and can use photobucket.com to host pics for free.




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Good rule to live by Nick.


I feel fortunate to have gotten good service from everyone in the FA community. I've gotten nervous a few times with parts at 1.1k on the other side of the country, but everything worked out. http://www.machinegunbooks.com/forums/invboard1_1_2/upload/html/emoticons/smile.gif

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i don't think i've had any problem's with anybody here,everybody seemed to be level headed and honest.

however with the current climate in class three pricing, and the fever pitch of sometime's t.g.sickness.


some feel "hey man time to make big buck's and the big rip-off" normally they all get found out in the end.


but it is a sorry state if anyone here has to be that victim.


have fun guy's be carefull. and for those with larceny in the heart,you already know who you are... it's only a matter of time!


take care,ron

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I'm all for these kind of rules, I hate to see anyone get ripped. I especially like the pic rule. I don't understand why anyone would buy something sight unseen.

The vouch rule I think needs a bit of clarification. What constitutes an "outstanding member"? Does a "SPONSOR" qualify? A "Long Time Member"? RKI?

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Outstanding Member would be someone that is trusted and has had dealings, or personal encounters at TCA shows, Knob Creek etc. Not some nut job off the street.


Obviously all the regulars "could" be considered outstanding members.. It is not a definate thing, just away to try and prevent someone from just signing up to post a rusted out barrell to rip someone off. If we make it that much harder for them to do, then just maybe they won't even bother to try in the first place.



ALSO! Please don't put me in the middle of trying to resolve a problem. I don't have the time. So here are some words to live by!






5. TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE - Does NOT refer to Mikes up coming Thompson calendars! http://www.machinegunbooks.com/forums/invboard1_1_2/upload/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif

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Just a thought...


Anyone who has "Sponsor" under his name should be allowed to sell something to other enthusiasts, otherwise the post is deleted. Saying that you need a voucher from someone really makes it hard to get into the hobby if you are new to this. How can you get a nod if you are just starting out and never had one to begin with?


Donating to this site says something... namely that you are not fly by night. I would think most scammers wouldn't want to risk paypal or sending a check with identifiable information to the owners of this site.


Just my .02... of course the mods can run this as they wish.



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Lets you upload pictures for free, and they even generate the code you need to link to the picture. Just copy and paste the code into your post and like magic the picture appears.


for an example, this is generally how the code looks. which displays the picture below.





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A couple of bucks on rusty mags? I was rip off for amount $675.00 plus $22.35 for shipping ..plus nasty e-mail from a seller


coltxtr@cox-internet.com Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert

To: dziebowicz@yahoo.com

Subject: Dear Sir...

Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2005 14:20:41 -0500



Dear Sir,

Please retract your posts immediately.

Every e-mail and communication that you send me is forwarded to my


If you threaten me in any way I will not hesitate to notify yours

and my local law enforcement, to start a file, in the event that I am

assaulted, as I now feel threatened at this time for my family's safety.

If you return the kit in full, I will gladly provide a full refund

as promised. I will not post this e-mail on the boards, I just want the

full kit back please, really I do not want any trouble.




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what is this guy some h.s.bully, or maybe gradeschool.he will notify the l.e.in his local area,and he now feel's assaulted......give me a freakin break..........and will report all e-mail's to the special action committeeeeeeee!!!


everyday i do less and less in sale's..WHY? because of moron's like this who have entered the market.


ripping people off...and then asking for you to thank them for it...


funny thing how this always seem's to happen on the net...and never face to face.


and ya know why...because they wouldn't have the cajone's to do it in person.


in the past few year's thats all i seem to read on the net is con and rip artist's...


i guess i did not such a bad job afterall...i have nobody chasin me for b.s.like this.


offer good product fair price and ship it in reasonable amount of time.with full refund policy..


but wait i forgot, this is earth.and we don't deal like that here...wink!! have fun...oh and i hope you get the moolah back...


take care,ron


yep kinda still respected after all these year's..........

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Nick: Good call.


Ah yes, the good old days; go to the house (or shop), pick up the goods, pay the seller, go home with your prize. Or the gun show deals (which can still be had, though not as often as used to be). I haven't been to a gun show that's been "fun" in a few years. And mail order; some of the 'good guys' are gone from the Shotgun News days.


And the Respected One did it by the numbers over the years, I know that to be true. Many others here too. What's so hard about doing it right??? I hope that by us helping each other out on this forum we can, in the future, not get ripped off as much.


And Mike's calendars......now that's honesty. No cereal fillers, all 100% pure.


Go shootin' tomorrow,



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