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All Things Swedish K (slings, accessories, and more)

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The sling Mongo posted does look nice and new. It also has a line along each edge which I do not see on the one from Rekrap. I have one with no lines and more of a pebble grain. Different contracts perhaps. Mine has three crowns on the buckle end.


sling Swedish K.jpeg

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2 hours ago, Rekraps said:

How interesting. My speed loader (I post pics later) fits over the end of stick mags and  has a plunger. A 36 round "tray" is inserted and with six strong plunges, the mag is loaded. I've never see this version!

Look at the mag, its a Soumi quad stack, hence the complicated loader, though its very neat.

5 hours ago, johnsonlmg41 said:

This is the speed loader.

Finishes vary based on country/contract/ timing.  The finish the Andrewski's have always used was the "close enough" version, but not that close to original which likely would take some color matching and in small quantities of powder is a no go, unless you know someone.

Pouches and mags were pretty common back in the day when I bought them.


Where did you find this gem?

7 hours ago, Rekraps said:

I've searched everywhere for loaded ammo on the flat clips! You dog. 

how much do you have? Each trip to the range I sit and hand load the 36 round clips. This plus the loader is the best, most efficient mag loader I've ever come across. 

I found it on line back in the late 90s when all that gallery 9mm came in. The guy had 10000 rnds and I bought every round. Never saw it any where else. I'm down to about 2500 rnds. This is the ammo that broke all those Swedish Lahiti pistols.

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Port Said guns were dark, manganese phospate park.  The Swedish gun is painted a grayish with a green tint?  I think the paint on the new builds and apparently later model may be why I never bought one after looking at the rack full of them for over 10 years?  That color just doesn't work for me?  When we get to that build, it for sure won't be the bright green. 


The loader is pretty simple.  You drop the rounds in the hole on the top vertically and push the lever down.  One arm pushes in the follower and the other lets the round pass as it retracts. 

My favorite loader is the Breda 37 strip loader.....so far. 


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Night sights and pouch

K .jpg

Cleaning kit, sight tool, loader and carry bag

K 1.jpg

Sling with proper part number on it

K 3.jpg

Based on this picture it looks like some of the guns in Vietnam used by SOG and the SEALs might have been green. US web sling.

swedish k silencer MAC V SOG_zpsax1lquoh.jpg~original.jpg

SOG in Vietnam with suppressed K

sog silenced swedish k 1_zps8pua7zgq.jpg~original.jpg

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Suppose to be US in Vietnam but can  not confirm this pic.tumblr_of40fcnmeN1s57vgxo6_1280.jpg

Vietnam range time with the K.


Tolerance drawing from the suppressor drawings. I think this design of suppressor used by SOG and SEALs was a US designed and made item.

supressor broken.JPG

Swedish K and GG in Vietnam together. obviously not a green K gun this time.


The other type of K suppressor, might have been the type the Swedes produced?


Another parked K in Vietnam


SEAL with K


Still trying to find this accessory for my K.


Gives you an idea on K finish in Sweden.


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That is correct. I bid on both a few times. The blued one also has the correct barrel shroud. The early ones had larger holes in the shroud. 

At some point the receiver tooling changed because the barrel shroud retaining pin was to low and the ordnance added a 3-spot welded ring around the barrel shroud nut. The green one shows this. Love the riveted mag well to!

The ones made during peace times were a work of Art. If you notice there is a Crown Stamp on only 1 side of the wooden grips. This is the larger 6mm stamp.


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Excellent, excellent. Also note that on the Green ones (M45B's), rivets and other key parts are blued. The guns are just fascinating and the one with the integral suppressor was MFG by Sweden, but for export only. The pics of the US soldiers in Vietnam lead me to believe that the guns shown are M45's, not M45B's, except for the one with the can (which is a M45B/export/integral can). 

All this stuff starting to come together! 

My slings have the Crown, but I did not see a dodac number.

When you think about it, this SMG was one of the best bargains out there for years... wholly ignored by most collectors. Along with the S&W M76, one of the great shooting platforms ever. Then suddenly, over the past two years or so, everyone seems to have developed an interest. The gun is of excellent quality, well designed, shoots great and has great history behind it! I looked at my original purchase price for one of the Andrewski guns I have and it was $16K, two years ago. They are now moving easily at $28!

And accessories, get 'em while you can. Night sights, original cleaner/oiler kits with rod & fag, brass catchers, sight keys, slings and most importantly, stick & coffin mag pouches! Just like the MP40, the magazine pouches are probably the most difficult item to find.

Finally, while extractors are available, the extractor retaining clip and spring are impossible to find. 

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Maybe they have become more well known on the internet? Maybe because of the online gaming communities? The Swedish K and Sterling have long been highly regarded on the SMG circuit for decades. 

Another hard to find accessory is the front and rear sight shades. I also found a bolt lock repair kit about 15 years ago. It will replace the cocking lever/bolt lock. I have never seen another one.

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20 hours ago, Mongo said:

I believe this to be original color of Swedish guns.















Very interesting. The riveting on the mag well, small hole shroud and reinforced end cap say this gun is a M45B, select fire. But it's not! Clearly it's full auto only which means it was a M45 Kpist that was original Swedish then had the mag well riveted. My research says that in the end, Sweden did this to all of its M45 full auto only inventory and painted over the gray parkerizing.   Kind of a rare gun!

Where and when was this for sale?

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I believe the Swedish Military guns were always Full Auto only. 

There is an evolution. The Swedish Ordnance also sold to different countries and contracts. FOLKE would likely know some more about this.

That Morphy auction was 5/2022. I bid $40kish on the blue one and  $50kish on the green one and i was out after that. I am NOT totally sure but I thought one of these 2 was found to be a dealer sample. The DANISH HOVEA M/49 was amazing to.


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They're a glorified sten gun, so I don't see pricing at 28K going that well on a tube gun?  Those originals at the auction were another matter, those are indeed very rare in the registry and while I bid, I wasn't in the ballpark. Generally my interest level always has a price point.

  When you get into the 20's you can buy the vast majority of subguns which is a lot of options and there are plenty of big boy guns to buy as well.  I recently saw a RR MP5 below 30K.   I don't know anyone that would take a K over an MP5 at the same price?

Mag pouches are very common  and vastly outnumber the guns.  No shortage of non working night sights. 

I don't know what models are common or not, and as for the color, the parts kit pic I posted will be a select fire gun on a registered tube at some point in the future, but it won't exceed 12K all in and hopefully I can match that color?  Back when I could buy them at Recon at 7k, I was buying Uzi's for $2500 so in hindsight that turned out to be a better choice, even though I'd rather have a K, but patience is the game here.   I don't see a big rush on Swedish K's or Sterlings which are an ergonomic disaster.  I forget when recon finally sold out of them, but could be 10 years or so, so you would think the buyers have gotten what they needed by now for accy.?   He started those before 2000 IIRC.

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I am NOT shitting on MP5’s at all. They are amazing machine guns. I just like the simplicity of the Swedish K. They are SO reliable and smooth. A lot less to go wrong compared to the German stuff. 

this is from the last Creek;

Open Bolt/Irons




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Love all this information guys and the shooting video.   Keep it coming!!

Big question on suomi 71 round drums.   Do they or Do they not fit the M45 with removable mag well?   I saw one video from gun jesus that the drum does not lock up onto a M45.  Then I see other folks using them in various videos.   Do the drums need to be modified to fit onto a K?  I know the coffin mags fit as it was originally designed to take them.



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The tube where the magwell is must have to be relieved a bit for they to lock in. Its about the thickness of the rear cover of the drum that stops it from locking in.


I prefer shooting the 36rnd sticks over the other 2 mag/drum types but then again all my ammo is already on strippers.

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That’s cool Mongo. Looks like it is for the End Cap with the hook. Never seen that one before. Any additional info? The spring looks different to…. A lot of coils on that one.

I’m interested in the white plug in the bolt and the tag on the box…


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5 hours ago, Mongo said:

You want to hunt for rare accessories, find the 22LR conversion kit.



Okay Mongo, you are officially the "K" accessory man. I thought I had good stuff. UGH. And you have the box!

Mr. Johnsonlmg41! Get with the program! Three "K"s have sold in the past month (nice ones) for $28K+ and Andrewski told me yesterday that he reworked one and sold it for $32 to a collector. Running hot! I'm glad you did not get the auction items only to find out they were not the real deal. 

The issue of the 72 round drums fitting is hit or miss. Of my two "K"s, one will accept the drums (and by default coffin mags) whilst the other will only take stick mags. I don't want to fool around with the mag wells and damage the finish. 

Like Mongo says, the "K"s are a favorite at the gun shoots and always perform well. They are a very well designed, very reliable and easy to use gun. Plus, there are just not that many of them.

Also, Labanaktis the original M45's were full auto only, while the M45B (Green) was select fire. Most of the M45's were later converted to select fire and had the mag well riveted so only stick mags could be used.

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