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Sudden Death Of Sandy Jones ("OCM") - RIP

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I think we will want to do something to memorialize Sandy, here on the board, similar to the "Gordon's Quest" Colt Thompson post. I'm not sure what it would look like yet, and am open to suggestion. I can access all his photos that he posted over the years, and maybe we could use them in some manner. The Gangsters, Outlaws, and Lawmen board, as well as the Thompson board, and a couple of other boards that Sandy frequented here will not be the same without him.


May Sandy rest in peace...






David Albert


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I agree with David to make a special place on the site to honor him and his work.

Meeting him was on my bucket list, most of the time, life / death isn't fair.

We shared many photos over the years, he was a good gun friend.

Life is short, a good lesson for all of us.

Rest in peace Sandy,


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From Bill Helmer...



So sudden and so sad. Others have filled in a few details. We go back to a
Dillinger 'commemoration' when I worked for Playboy, and I visited him and
Karen a couple times in Colorado. Rick Mattix is also gone, and the three of
us had great sport with emails. I'm sure Karen has much attention so I just
wonder how she's doing.


P.S. I'd like to think I helped motivate him (and maybe you) in the direction of

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So sorry to hear of Sandys passing.

I never knew the man but always found his great knowledge that he shared on this forum to be a inspiration for us to learn and pass on to others as he did in his life.


God bless you Sandy, rest in peace.

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Terrible news. Sandy was such a knowledgeable and funny chap, I used to email him all the time about my "gangster weapons" research.





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R.I.P. Sandy we had many a note back and forth. It is good he will be remembered here. As so many now have gone. a FEW times I have gone back and looked at the list of friends and gun collectors who I had dealings with. Make everyday count in no matter what you do or Enjoy... Sandy did.


Colt21a RON K.

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Part of what I call the three amigos, (Mattix, Helmer and Jones). The Elite Afficionados on John Dillinger and other bandit / gangster era research.
Their offbeat humor and banter during some email exchanges were out of this world and just plain hilarious! I was lucky enough to be included in some of them and will cherish that until I die.
Sandy was the ultimo walking John Dillinger encyclopedia and collector. (Bonnie and Clyde too). He knew most of their families intimately. His collection was supreme. It was later sold and is now in a museum. Master brewer, antique car fanatic, BBQ enthusiast, and all around good guy. Was very knowledgeable on gangster era weapons and their every minute detail.
The greatest honor I ever had was his brutally honest opinions on collecting and the compliments he threw my way whenever I uncovered something new for my collection. He will be sorely missed, but not forgotten! We will all meet again one day and shoot the shit as we all did so well on earth!
Mario Gomes - www.myalcaponemuseum.com
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Have had my head down with work for the last couple of months and just logged into the forum for the first time in a while to update a post on the Gangsters/Outlaws page that Sandy and I had talked about and saw the news.


Feel like I got punched in the gut. Terribly sad to hear, he was a great help to me just like he was with so many others working on projects and researching history.


I'll be at the Joplin hideout in a couple of weeks for the 85th anniversary of the gun fight, and I don't know anyone else who'd have gotten the same kick out of seeing a photo of Barrow beans on the stove with a BAR leaned against the wall. He'd dug out the original recipe for me some months ago when I mentioned that idea. I'll really miss talking with him.

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